HB Hand-built Analogue Interconnect Cable

RCA / XLR Analogue Interconnect

Preserve the signal from source to amplifier with complete integrity, Pulse-HB Hand-built Analogue Interconnect Cable is Vertere’s absolute reference.

Instantaneous Dynamics with Total Clarity

Truly Exceptional

For all stereo interconnect applications, both Line Level and Pre Out, Vertere Pulse-HB Hand-built Analogue Interconnect Cable is the absolute reference connection. Internally, the conductors are configured and optimised differently to the tonearm cable to provide unrestricted dynamics while preserving the intricate low-level detail. The constant noise floor of line level, or varying noise floor of pre out, is kept so low in the background that the result is an unequivocally life-like musical experience.

The internal signal conductors preserve even the most intricate harmonic structure of the music as well as the most dynamic signals all occurring simultaneously.

Pulse HB combines real, instantaneous dynamics with total clarity at all volume levels and settings. This level of detail, accuracy, control and dynamics, elevates the experience of listening to music to a live performance standard. Pulse-HB is truly exceptional and without peer.