Wind Design

Floorstanding Speakers

Designed like a musical instrument, the Wind Design delivers sonic expressivity to the absolute, pulling you inside the music.

Wind Design

Blowing in the wind

Going a step further than the original Wind Floorstanding, the Wind Design is refined to the highest sonic tolerances. With its hand-selected drivers and exclusive crossover components, the Wind Design offers ultra-broad all-axis sound staging performance.
Dressed for uncompromising musical renditions, the Wind Design’s six-layer multicoated finishes results in additional structural rigidity. The deep luster finish not only adds shine but also allows for a more cohesive acoustic behavior. At the base of the front baffle is a new articulating claw that is adjustable for slanting back the baffle for precise spatial alignment. The rear skid-plate decoupling system allows for additional spatial performance.


Design features
-Avant-garde design
-Superior sonic architecture
-Complex cabinet geometry
-Absolute surreal holographic imaging
-Design 6-layer multicoated polyester design finish

Technical features
-Exclusive (4x) driver 3-way speaker system
-On- and off-axis point source imaging
-Specially damped, long-throw woofer
-Special low resonance tweeter with chamber
-Multiple midranges
-Extreme-quality hard-wired crossover