Tribe I

On Wall Speakers

With cutting-edge, patented technology, the Tribe is luxuriously detailed and perfectly proportioned. Exclusively designed, they are among the slimmest wall speakers available, offering a brocade of rich harmonics with world-leading on- and off-axis dispersion and frequency range.

Tribe I

Elegance and power

With Totem’s most advanced parts and technology integrated into their sleek chassis, they set the aesthetic and sonic standards for on-wall cinema/surround speaker systems. The integration of this complete surround package is so synergistic that the result has to be heard to be believed.

Optional Accessories:
-Tribe Stand
-Angled wall bracket


Design features

-Ultra Slim Design
-Vertical or horizontal on-wall mounting
-Multiple finish options
-Magnetic grills included
-Ultimate compliment to flat screens

Technical features

-Neodymium Activated woofers
-Wide dispersion, long throw tweeters
-Ported for maximum bass performance
-Bi-wire connectors to allow a variety of superior wiring options
-Surreal imaging and enormous soundstage