KIN Monitor

Bookshelf Speakers

The KIN Monitor doesn’t follow in the footsteps of its compact monitor predecessors. It’s blazing its own trail.

KIN Monitor

Heavyweight punch, lightweight body

KIN Monitor punches well above its weight with the thunderous excitement, gigantic imaging, and total immersive ability of a heavyweight speaker in a lightweight speaker physique. Highs are ethereal in their detail and buoyancy while bass is stunningly authoritative and expressive.

Kin Monitor is another audio solution by Totem that defies conventional thinking and breaks the boundaries of conventional engineering. Pair it with the perfectly harmonized KIN Play Amp and marvel at the acoustic enormity of a lean, mean sound machine.


Design features
-Progressive design for size belying performance
-Small footprint for convenient placement
-Magnetic Grilles
-Available in Satin Black or White

Technical features
-KIN Metal Alloy Dome tweeter
-KIN Natural Hybrid woofer
-Acoustic Isolation Feet
-Universal and Micro port tuning