KIN In-Ceiling IC62

In-Ceiling Speaker

The refinement of the IC62 express Totem’s mission is to develop loudspeakers capable of producing an involving performance that is true to the artist’s intention. They energize the area in manner that faithfully recreates the intimate moment and space of the original recording, yet disappear into the environment.

KIN In-Ceiling IC62

Artistic Truth

Exclusive MHEX Phenolic Honeycomb Woven Hybrid woofers in cast baskets synergize perfectly with customized ceramic dome tweeters to provide our characteristic phase linearity and unmatched realism. Dynamics are maintained at any listening level for all acoustic preferences or applications, from a high-powered home theater to low level ambient music.

Kin Architectural models have stainless steel, magnetic grilles and hardware so they’re weather resistant and ready for the outdoors under covered areas and soffits with the use of the optional Acoustic Back Can.

Discover your Kin Architectural and expand your musical experiences.

Optional Accessories
-PCK6: Pre-construction kits facilitate installation before drywall has been installed.
-ABC6ST: Acoustic Back Cans reduce sound from penetrating adjacent rooms, protects the components from damage causing materials, and improves the weather resistance.
-SGK6: Square Grille Kits permit cosmetic finishing touches to suit personal design tastes.


Design features

-High-torque, Nylon dogs which can accommodate double layers of drywall
-75-degree dispersion
-Unified framework shield
-Paintable neodymium-activated stainless-steel grills
-Stainless steel, weather resistant hardware
-Shallow profile

Technical features

-MHEX Phenolic Honeycomb Woven Hybrid woofer
-Cast baskets and oversized components
-1” Ceramic coated aluminum dome tweeters
-Low Volume Intelligibility equalization
-Gold-plated terminals