Forest Signature

Floor Standing Speakers

The Forest Signature is at once a celebration and culmination of the Forest evolution. From its inception, the Forest became an enduring favorite amongst true audiophiles.

Forest Signature

Designed to transcend time

The new Forest Signature is a transcendent upgrade in every aspect, from its critical components to final acoustic performance. It offers unparalleled musicality and spatial imaging while faithfully rendering subtleness and attack/decay harmonics.

All Forest Signature woofers and tweeters are individually inspected, measured and tested using Totem’s own exceptional quality procedures. This ultra-performance columnar loudspeaker radiates superb musicality for both stereo and multi-channel listening.


Design features

- Adjustable rake angle
- Black aluminum enameled Totem Skid Plate
- Front articulated claw
- Black anodized aluminum back plate
- High Gloss Polyester multi-coat lustrous finish

Technical features

- Clarity MR non-resonant capacitors
- ESA and Super Audio variants
- Orange Drop bypasses
- Oxide/metal foil resistors
- Massive air-core inductors
- Micro-precision customized crossover
- Optimal bass loading and phase/space articulation
- Micro-machined bi-wired W.B.T. terminals