Floor Standing Speakers

The Totem Arro shoots straight to the heart. The Arro’s strong frequency extension and broad-spectrum harmonics blend in a phase-perfect conjunction that transmits the true essence of music.


Straight to the heart

With its ultra-slim design, the alluring and versatile Arro speaker is an aesthetic room-pleaser that allows endless placement possibilities.

Omni-directional in character, the Arro defies the laws of physics with extreme bass extension and holographic sound imaging. If you like authentic-sounding performances that reach beyond the realm of space and time, experience the streamlined beauty of the Totem Arro.


Design features

- Ultra-slim design and aesthetic compactness
- Specially modified proprietary drivers
- Flexible installation close to back walls
- Absolute surreal holographic imaging

Technical features

- Great bass extension and phase correctness
- Full mono-shell hand-assembled chassis
- Interlocking mitered joints
- Ultra expensive borosilicate damping
- Ultra sophisticated crossover with integrated bi-wiring
- Exclusive, hard-wired crossover