Record player with Single Motor Belt Drive


The ROTATION R 2.3 turntable at a glance

- 9″ AVM tone arm (gimbal-mounted)
- Massive 37 mm HDF composite plinth with aluminium cover
- Spring-mounted drive
- Height-adjustable damper feet
- Dimmable & switchable platter light
- 33/45 RPM look forward servo control
- Hinged acrylic dust cover (removable)
- Standard versions: silver & black
- Comes without cartridge
- External power supply
- Weight: 12 kg

An Audiophile HiFi Turntable

The ROTATION R 2.3 is taking advantage of the same technological basis invented and engineered for the larger ROTATION record player model. The gimbal-mounted 9″ tone arm is a proprietary AVM arm and the belt drive a direct spin-off from the bigger ROTATION sibling. The R 2.3 utilizes a slightly thinner composite frame with aluminum cover and blue illuminated platter.

Creating a purely analog source

Creating a purely analog source based on AVM’s in-house developments by meeting the highest demands was already a long-cherished dream and from the very beginning a matter for AVM owner & managing director Udo Besser. The development of these two purely handcrafted turntables was accompanied by new, more sophisticated and purely phono preamplifier: The compact P30 Phono Stage or the modular OVATION PH 8.3 Flagship Phono Stage. Simultaneously, AVM introduces upgrades already for all the renowned phono stages in various AVM products. Both the ROTATION R 2.3 and the ROTATION R 5.3 flagship model feature completely own tone arms exclusively designed by AVM.