Sirius G2

Upsampling Processor

SIRIUS G2 is an ultra-powerful upsampling processor offering a variety of signal processing features. It supports all PCM and DSD sampling rates and is capable of working with any DAC.

Sirius G2

A Digital Signal Optimizer Without Peer

SIRIUS G2 operates on an open standard, allowing music lovers to upgrade both the processing power and the original performance envelope of their Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs), whether they’re using an AURALiC branded DAC, or one by another manufacturer. SIRIUS G2 delivers to the DAC a wide variety of resolutions and formats and can accept any input data with sampling rates from 44.1 kHz to 384 kHz in PCM, or DSD64 to DSD512. Inputs and outputs onboard SIRIUS G2 are varied and plentiful. Standing apart from its peers, SIRIUS G2 can output USB, in any format, including PCM in 384 kHz and DSD512 with extremely low distortion. This increased flexibility adds yet again to the list of the number of DACs eligible for optimization and enhancement provided by SIRIUS G2.

Built for the Best Performance

In designing SIRIUS G2, we knew that taking a DAC to the next level of performance would not be as simple as adding an FPGA platform. Additional features would be needed to improve musical performance beyond expectations. Below are just a few of these refinements.

• Flexible Filter Mode Triple-Channel

• Purer-Power Supply Dual Galvanic

• Isolation Dual Femto Clock

• Unity Chassis

Turn Your Wi-Fi into a Music Streaming Ecosystem.

We developed Lightning OS to be the highest-quality streaming environment you’ve ever heard. A meticulously-crafted software architecture designed specifically to work hand-in-hand with the powerful Tesla hardware platform found in AURALiC streaming products, Lightning OS is full of cutting-edge innovations that bring your music to life like never before. Connect to all your of high-resolution sources, take control with user apps like Lightning DS or Roon, and meet true audiophile streaming.

Dual platform structure

AURALiC’s Proteus G2 Co-Processing Platform functions as the audio signal processing engine, while a Tesla G1 platform handles all hardware control. SIRIUS G2’s state-of-the-art Proteus G2 is made up of:

• Xilinx XC7A200T FPGA chip

• 512 MB of DDR3 memory

• 740 DSP slices

• More than 200,000 logic blocks