Floorstanding Speakers

Soaring to high-vibrational heights, the Totem Hawk exemplifies total involvement with the senses. Truly full range, extremely compact and aesthetically balanced, the Hawk has incredible attributes and strengths that will bring you to the realm of sonic nirvana.


Soaring above the crowd

The Hawk’s detailed voicing, harmonic nuances and timbre precision will simply move your soul to the core.

With honesty and loyalty, the Hawk’s unique drivers deliver magic and power. Its exquisite cabinetry is designed to seamlessly project sonic vitality. Its self-effacing holography and pure dimensional imaging produce a spatial experience that will lift and envelope you. The Totem Hawk is a soul mover of the highest caliber.


Design features

- Elegant design and aesthetic compactness
- Specially modified proprietary drivers
- Designed for high-end extreme performance
- Absolute surreal holographic imaging

Technical features

- Great bass extension and phase correctness
- Monocoque cross-braced cabinet with double-sided wood veneer
- Ultra-expensive borosilicate damping
- Exclusive, hard-wired crossover
- Silvered OFC wiring
- Claw: for advanced decoupling from floor
- Bi-wireable gold-plated WBT terminalsDesigned for ease of use, crystal-clear sound and a highly flexible system configuration, ALTAIR G1 brings high-performance, cutting-edge technology, and incredible value to any high-fidelity music system.